Protect what matters

Protect what matters

New and improved Synergy Supreme+ premium petrol is designed to protect your car by reducing friction in your engine and decreasing engine wear.

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Synergy Supreme+ premium petrol, providing a sound journey

Synergy Supreme+ premium petrol, providing a sound journey

Spend the specified amount on Synergy Supreme+ premium petrol to redeem the latest QCY Bluetooth headset for drivers at exclusive price HK$20.

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Find out more about Smiles Driver Rewards

Smiles Driver Rewards

Smile when you get more out of your miles! Get rewarded with free petrol, convenience store items and other attractive offers. These are just some of the many ways our petrol work harder for you every day.

Esso Hong Kong service stations

Esso service stations

Find out what we have for you at Esso as well as locate your nearest Esso service stations here.

Watch how your engine turns energy into motion

This video goes inside an engine to show you how Esso fuels works.

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