Esso Synergy™ fuels

Helping you get more out of your journeys

Synergy Supreme+ premium petrol

Synergy Supreme+ premium petrol

Synergy Supreme+premium petrol:

  • Reduces deposits by 50% and prevent engine wear
  • Cleans your engine and keeps it running smoothly
  • Reduces engine corrosion

Synergy Extra

Developed as a high performance petrol suitable for most cars, it also contains a friction modifier additive which will help you get more out of your journeys.

  • Helps improve fuel economy
  • Helps engines run more smoothly

Synergy Diesel

Our Synergy Diesel continues to contain a powerful additive that helps provide excellent detergency performance and anti-foaming properties for faster filling.

  • Helps clean up fuel injectors
  • Helps improve fuel economy
  • Helps reduce emissions

Fuels benefit claims are based on comparison to ordinary unadditised fuels. Actual benefits may vary depending on various factors including, without limitation, engine type, driving style, and fuel previously used.