Fuel benefits

Fuel benefits

At Esso, our quality fuels help protect your car engine. Which is why we've engineered our fuels to clean your engine and provide better protection, fuel economy and performance than what ordinary unadditised fuel can provide.

Synergy™ fuels are specially formulated to provide you with many important benefits, but most of all, it helps give you an improved driving experience.

Giving you quality fuel you can depend on, to help you get to where you want to go.

Q: What is "Synergy"?
A: Synergy has been and continues to be the brand name of fuels sold at Esso and Feoso service stations.

Q: What will the additive do for the car?
A: At Esso, we believe in offering our customers quality fuels that help improve their journeys. That‘s why all of our Synergy petrol contains an upgraded additive which provides protection and cleans your engine to help give you better fuel economy than ordinary unadditised petrol.

Q: How much fuel economy can I expect from Esso's Synergy fuels?
A: The fuel economy you achieve may vary depending on factors such as engine type, driving style, and fuel previously used.

Q: What is Synergy Supreme+ premium petrol?
A: Synergy Supreme+ premium petrol is our premium fuel grade. It has double the additive of Synergy Extra petrol to help reduce friction, provide better intake valve cleanliness and reduced sludge build-up in your engine.

Q: What is Synergy Extra petrol?
A: Synergy Extra petrol is a high performance petrol suitable for most cars. It contains a friction modifier additive which will help you get more out of your journeys.

  • Helps improve fuel economy
  • Helps engines run more smoothly

For better performance, try our Synergy Supreme+ premium petrol the next time you fill up to help improve your engine performance and responsiveness when compared to Synergy Extra petrol.

Q: What is Synergy Diesel?
A: Synergy Diesel continues to contain a powerful additive that helps provide excellent detergency performance and anti-foaming properties for faster filling.

As compared to ordinary unadditised diesel, Synergy Diesel helps:

  • Clean up fuel injectors
  • Improve fuel economy
  • Engines run more smoothly

Fuels benefit claims are based on comparison to ordinary unadditised fuels. Actual benefits may vary depending on various factors including, without limitation, engine type, driving style, and fuel previously used.