Synergy Supreme+ premium petrol

Esso Synergy Supreme+ premium petrol

No matter what car you drive, Esso Synergy™ Supreme+ premium petrol helps protect what matters – your car engine

Like you, your car performs best when it's well cared for. Esso Synergy Supreme+ premium petrol, our best-ever fuel, provides a deeper engine clean as you drive, so you can enjoy improved performance, fuel economy, and a car you love driving. It also has a friction modifier additive that also helps protect your engine by reducing wear.



The friction modifier additive in Synergy Supreme+ premium petrol helps reduce engine wear while a corrosion inhibitor provides added protection to the engine. Together with the advanced cleaning formulation, they help your engine run more smoothly for a better driving experience.

Fuel economy

Fuel economy

Engine deposits can build up over time which can affect engine efficiency. Synergy Supreme+ premium petrol has an advanced cleaning formulation that helps clean up and keep intake valves clean to improve engine efficiency. The friction modifier reduces friction, which provides an extra way to help give you better fuel economy.



Synergy Supreme+ premium petrol has been formulated to provide improved performance in vehicles. As compared to ordinary unadditised petrol, it helps protect your engine from wear, improve engine responsiveness and performance, so your engines run more smoothly.

Q: What is "Synergy Supreme+" premium petrol?
A: Synergy Supreme+ premium petrol is our premium fuel grade.

Q: What benefits does the Synergy Supreme+ premium petrol provide?
A: Synergy Supreme+ premium petrol with friction modifier is designed to:

  • Help provide friction reduction in your engine to protect against engine wear
  • Help provide intake valve cleanliness and improve fuel economy

Q: What is the difference between Synergy Supreme+ premium petrol and Synergy Extra petrol?
A: As compared to Synergy Extra petrol, the Synergy Supreme+ premium petrol helps provide:

  • Improved intake valve cleanliness as a result of a significantly higher additive treat rate
  • Improved wear protection

Q: How much fuel economy can I expect from the Synergy Supreme+ premium petrol?
A: The fuel economy you achieve may vary depending on factors such as engine type, driving style, and fuel previously used.

Q: How does the Synergy Supreme+ premium petrol compare with petrol from other brands?
A: Our Synergy Supreme+ premium petrol formulation is designed to protect your engine by helping to reduce wear inside your engine. It also continues to help clean your engine and improve fuel economy. As we do not know the composition of our competitors' products, we are not able to comment.

Synergy Supreme+ provides the best engine wear protection of all of our grades. Actual benefits may vary depending on factors such as engine type, driving style, and fuel previously used.